Quince Power

Turn your Quinceañera into a #PoderQuince


our Mission

#PoderQuince is a movement that works to build a culture of voting rooted in the power of quinceañeras and the Latino way of life.

You have the power to build a stronger democracy in Texas and the country. While the demographics alone are not destiny, increasing civic participation of your community through your quinceañera will create a new tradition that many can follow.

Traditionally, while you celebrate the coming of age into womanhood, you also celebrate and honor your family for being at your side. What better way to honor them than by pledging to defend your family and community by voting. We invite you to blaze a new trail and ignite the tradition of honoring your loved ones with the power of civic engagement.


Brown. Beautiful. Unstoppable.

#PoderQuince #QuincePower


What is Poder Quince?


Poder Quince is a Texas-based civic awareness initiative by Jolt that works with Quinceañeras in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. The goal is to garner awareness and elevate voter registration in the state of Texas.

Will you be turning 15 soon?

If so, this is your movement and you are the key to the future.

Join us and apply today to be part of Poder Quince for a chance to win a guest celebrity appearance at your quinceañera, and spearhead the change in your community.

the #poderquince package

When you host a #PoderQuince in Austin, Houston, or Dallas, Texas, you receive a free photobooth for your event, free Snapchat filters and for one lucky winner, a celebrity guest appearance.



Make your quince a #PoderQuince for a chance to win a guest celebrity appearance at your quinceañera.

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Join The Cause

Are you outside of the age range but would still like to participate?

We’d love to have you join our efforts. Send us your information and let’s get in touch! 

Honoring Our Heritage & Innovating Civic Engagement